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How to make sense of what happened to you: Understanding the trauma of sexual harassment

Article | UNIVERSAL | When we’re sexually harassed, our bodies and brains can react in ways we don’t expect—and sometimes we end up regretting our response, or judging ourselves for it. In this article, we’ll describe some of the ways people commonly react to sexual harassment, why we react that way, and what can help if you are feeling the effects of trauma.

What the research says about workplace sexual harassment

Article | Here’s a list of research papers and articles we used in making this site. If you have a paper you want to tell us about, please email it to [email protected]. Thank you! “Why Didn’t She Just Report Him? The Psychological and Legal Implications of Women’s Responses to Sexual Harassment” (1995, Journal of Social Issues) is ...

How does sexual harassment affect people’s mental health?

Article | UNIVERSAL | In this article, we describe how the experience of being harassed tends to affect people’s mental health. The choices you can make about how to handle harassment—like staying at work, quitting your job, and/or reporting what happened to someone in a position of authority—all have mental health implications, and we’ll describe those as well. We’ll also give you signs to look out for, to figure out if your mental health is suffering and when to seek help.

How to find and work with a lawyer

Article | UNIVERSAL | You’re considering hiring a lawyer. In this article we’ll explain how to find and choose a lawyer, what lawyers can and cannot do for you, how they normally structure their fees, and what you can do to keep costs as low as possible.

How to decide whether to take legal action (and what to expect if you do)

Article | UNIVERSAL | Maybe you’re considering taking legal action against the harasser or your employer. If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explain the pros and cons of taking legal action, the most common grounds on which people do it, and what to expect if you choose to go ahead.

You’re being sexually harassed at work. Should you report?

Article | UNIVERSAL | When people get sexually harassed, they're often unsure about whether to report it to their employer. In this article, we'll describe what’s <em>supposed</em> to happen when people report sexual harassment, as well as what tends to <em>actually</em> happen. And, we'll describe how to assess whether your employer is likely to handle your report well.

Community Lead

Page | Aftermetoo is a young, small, and growing national Canadian charity that emerged out of the 2017 global #MeToo movement. This year, we’re launching a project to develop online communities where people who are experiencing gender-based workplace harassment can come together to support and help each other. We are looking for a community lead to support ...

The new Aftermetoo has launched!

Blog | hey everyone! I’m excited to share highlights—and some great photographs!—from the event that Aftermetoo held on March 8 in Toronto to mark the launch of the new site. It was a total festival of ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ celebrating all of the many, many people and organizations who contributed to the development of this important new site for ...

©Aftermetoo CC BY 4.0

Page | All text on this site copyrighted Aftermetoo has been released under the Attribution 4.0 International Creative Commons licence (CC BY 4.0). That means all text on this site is CC BY 4.0, except where it is copyrighted by a different author, for example, with a book excerpt or a #MeToo story. Aftermetoo is not releasing ...

20 ways to take care of your mental health

Article | UNIVERSAL | Sexual harassment can be really tough on your mental health and well-being. In this article, we’ll share some strategies you might find helpful.

Should you apply for workers comp? (NT)

Article | NT | If you're reading this, you're probably considering filing a claim with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission because you want to be compensated for harms you suffered due to harassment. This guide explains how to file a WSCC claim related to sexual harassment, and the pros and cons of this process, so you can decide whether it's an avenue you want to pursue.