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Innovation to stop workplace sexual harassment

Aftermetoo was born within the Canadian film and television industry to activate concrete change to stop workplace sexual violence, in particular for vulnerable and precarious workers. We have been built by volunteers. 
Aftermetoo began with a symposium at the Globe & Mail and examined workplace sexual violence within the Canadian entertainment industry. The participants were a collection of survivors, witnesses, trauma experts, industrial and organizational experts as well as human rights and employment lawyers. 
From this symposium, we released a Report auditing existing policy and procedure around workplace sexual violence within the Canadian entertainment industry. The Report is a set of actions to create reform along with recommendations for ways in which the industry can improve current policy and systems.
We wanted each of you to have access to what we learned over the course of the symposium so we created episodes of each discussion as well as the roundtable townhall in its entirety.

Understanding Civil Law and #AFTERMETOO

Understanding Civil Law and #AFTERMETOO

Behind the scenes: The Crew #AFTERMETOO

The Roles of Agents and Casting Directors and #AFTERMETOO



The Performers discuss #AFTERMETOO

Our Unions and Associations and #AFTERMETOO

Criminal Law examined: The problems survivors face reporting and #AFTERMETOO

Next Steps: Organizational Change #AFTERMETOO

Trauma, Memory, and the Psychological Effects of Sexual Violence and #AFTERMETOO

The issues of the Criminal Justice system and #AFTERMETOO



Meet Rosa.

Rosa was developed by Aftermetoo with our amazing collaborator, The Canadian Women's Foundation.


Rosa is a digital platform, centralizing laws, judicial systems, supports and reporting options across Canada should you experience or see workplace sexual harassment.  

Everything you'll see on Rosa is in plain, simple language.

Coming in 2020.


To learn about Rosa, visit wearerosa.com.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada, through the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


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