I am a victim of sexual abuse, and I want to share my story to prevent others from being taken advantage of by certain individuals.

I regularly attended a non-alcoholic dance parties that take place across NYC. this event has a wonderful community, and I wanted to be a part of it. I looked up to the people running the company and events.

The MC at these events, started noticing me regularly and slowly struck up conversations, eventually becoming friends. He realized I was seeking acceptance and desperately wanted to be part of their group. After a few events, he offered massage services claiming they would improve my energy. Being naive and wanting their acceptance, I stupidly agreed and went to his place. During the massage he touched me inappropriately. Again naive, I did not stop him as I feared losing his friendship and my chance of being part of the community. After the massage, he demanded a large sum of money which I paid. This continued several more times, during which he took sexual advantage of me. I later realized he preys on vulnerable young women who attend these events.

These events mainly draw young women who feel misunderstood by society and are seeking a safe space. But MC takes advantage of girls like me.

I reported this to the event organize who did not take action as this happened outside of the event. I’m afraid to come forward publicly. I don’t know what to do and I’m scared that more women will be hurt like I was.