It’s been 25 years and I’m just starting
To heal.
The powerlessness, I’m starting
To no longer feel

Helpless and All alone
Small and scared look how much I’ve grown

No longer scared
Able to finally breathe
That little girl inside of me
Finally has a voice
As a 5 year old girl I felt like I had no choice
But to be quiet, don’t take up space
Don’t let them see your face
Maybe then you will be safe
Men like him won’t look at you that way
Hiding beneath baggy clothes
Can’t show I’m a woman or they will
Force me down and drown out my soul
I won’t give you control
Over who I am now

Alex, I was a little girl when you raped me
I hope you feel like you can’t breathe
When you think of what you did to me
Because I couldn’t breathe while you held me down, thrusting in and out
The searing pain I tried to shout
But you silenced my screams and cries
Forcing my face in a pillow, my hope it dies. I hoped someone would save me
But no one came.
Because of that day when you raped me, I won’t ever be the same

I hope it torments, your black soul
And you will never be whole
You can’t take back What you stole from me
You’re healing won’t come easily.
You’re nothing, you’re empty
I hope you never feel at peace.
I haven’t since you did what you did to me