• Location: Remote
  • Employment Type: Flexible Full-Time (Fixed term contract)
  • Compensation: $150,000 over 18 months 

Aftermetoo is a young, small, and growing national Canadian charity that emerged out of the 2017 global #MeToo movement. This year, we’re launching a project to develop online communities where people who are experiencing gender-based workplace harassment can come together to support and help each other.

We are looking for a product development lead to lead development of the communities.

If you are the successful candidate, we’d be happy to engage you in whatever way best suits you. We can work with your consultancy, hire you as an employee, or engage you as an independent contractor—whichever works best for you.

Position overview

Aftermetoo is seeking an organized and energetic person to lead our product development. The ideal candidate has a track record of leading the development of internet-based projects, through paid or unpaid work, that contribute positively to the world. You should be good at user growth, engagement and retention. The purpose of your job is to support the creation of communities that are active, healthy, and flourishing.


The main responsibility of this role is to lead the development of Aftermetoo’s new online communities. Here’s the kind of work you’ll do:

  • Review and absorb Aftermetoo research documents related to people’s experiences of workplace sexual harassment, and become familiar with their informational and community needs.
  • Design and conduct research (surveys, interviews, user tests, and focus groups) to understand the needs of target users.
  • Create documents summarizing research findings, and share them with others to help inform everybody’s work.
  • Work collaboratively with team members, including volunteers, contractors, consultants and partner organizations, to get the communities established and support their growth.
  • Act as a champion for users throughout the development process, advocating for simplicity, usability, and user enjoyment.
  • Working with others, support/coordinate growth activities (such as ambassador/champion/influencer campaigns and paid advertising), and community engagement and retention activities (such as AMA-style expert Q and A events, polls and surveys, discussions, and contests and challenges).
  • Regularly produce reports capturing activities, learnings, outcomes, and impact.

Skills and qualifications

  • Experience carrying out projects/activities, through either paid or unpaid work, that use internet-based technologies to make the world a better place.
  • Experience coordinating the work of others. 
  • Strong ability to design and deliver surveys of prospective users, interpret the results, and translate insights into action.
  • Familiarity with, or ability to quickly learn, applications and services such as Figma, Jira, SurveyMonkey, Mechanical Turk, Notion, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Signal, and Keynote.
  • Experience using a wide array of platforms that support discussions, such as Reddit, Discord, X Spaces, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, Twitch, Mastodon.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • It would be great if you have experience working with (or helping/supporting) people aged 25-35 who are female and/or queer.

Personal qualities and characteristics 

  • You’re curious and like learning new things.
  • You have a strong desire to understand and help people.
  • You enjoy organizing and coordinating work, and getting things done.
  • You are the kind of person who naturally documents and shares information with other people. 
  • You’re flexible. You like seeking feedback and adapting and changing direction based on what you learn. 

Pay and work hours

  • We have $150,000 budgeted for this position for a period of 18 months. 
  • We do not offer conventional benefits (e.g., dental, vision care).
  • You’ll be expected to provide your own devices (laptop, phone).
  • Work hours and work conditions are fairly flexible. 

Commitment to equity

At Aftermetoo, we know that diverse groups make better decisions and produce higher-quality work. We are actively seeking to build a diverse team for this project along multiple axes, including but not limited to gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic background.

We encourage applications from people who will bring unique perspectives and experiences to our team. If you are passionate about our mission but don’t currently meet every qualification listed, we encourage you to apply anyway. Your unique skills and experiences could be exactly what we’re seeking.

How to apply

Please send materials to [email protected], with Product Development Lead in the subject line. If you’d like to be engaged as an employee, please send us a resume and cover letter. If you’d like us to hire your consultancy, please send us a proposal. This position will be open until filled, which we hope will happen by the end of July.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for consideration will be contacted.